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Homeward Bound – Italy

May 23, 2023

Our journey home began at 6:30a with a leisurely stroll from the apartment to the train station for our 7a train to the Rome international airport to make our 10a flight to Dallas.  All of our travel this trip has been logistically fairly easy.  We have baked in enough time at each interchange, so that […]

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Rome – Italy

May 22, 2023

In Rome we toured the colosseum, the roman forum, Trevi fountain, pantheon, circus Maximus and everything else we could see in the ancient city.  We walked from one end to the other.  We also got a chance to experience the Metro (subway).  It was so crowded that a full subway would arrive and then people […]

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Pisa – Italy

May 21, 2023

We left Florence earlier the next day to take the train to Pisa.  Our plan was to get to the leaning tower by the time it opened.  We had tried to get tickets, but everything was sold out.  Once in Pisa we dropped our bags off at a ‘Stow Your Bags’ store.  It allowed us […]

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Florence – Italy

May 20, 2023

Leaving Venice early in the morning allowed us to enjoy all the streets and passage ways without people.  It is a completely different city when all the people are off the streets.  The next time we ever visit Venice we will make sure we explore the city before it wakes! The rain met us as […]

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Venice – Italy

May 20, 2023

We decided to start our morning with a trip to Juliet’s balcony in Verona.  It was about 3mins from the apartment and at 9a, it only had fifty people in the courtyard when we got there.  Shakespeare made Verona famous with his fictional tale of Romeo and Juliet.  We made it to the train station […]

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Verona – Italy

May 19, 2023

I spent the morning repacking for the next phase of our adventure.  All of the wet gear from the days prior   finally was starting to dry.  The hotel breakfast was delicious with different meats and cheeses and pastries.  While having breakfast and getting all of our itinerary for the day loading in the the […]

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Motorcycles & Glass Elevator – Italy

May 18, 2023

Dad’s Day – In the morning there was a heavy snow, but nothing was sticking.  Someone showed us a picture of the next town 2km away, where we were originally planning to stay, and it had gotten several feet of snow that night.  We had a great breakfast at the hotel.  For the ride home […]

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Motorcycles & Playing – Italy

May 17, 2023

Dad’s Day –I have been on a motorcycle only a handful of times in my life.  Knowing part of our adventure would be touring the Dolomites (Italian Alps) on motorcycles, I took a class prior to coming.  I discovered that I really enjoy motorcycles and would even buy one if all the other crazy drivers […]

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Play Day & Via Ferrata – Italy

May 16, 2023

Dad’s Day –The rain came down all night long on our tents.  It did not look promising that we would be able to do a via ferrate that day, but we decided to at least hike to the beginning of it.  It took us an hour to drive to the start of the hike.  Then […]

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Canyoning & Biking – Italy

May 14, 2023

Dad’s Day-It rained all night long.  I was wondering what that would do to our canyon, but was assured by the guides (Andrea and Devid) that it would not be a problem at all.  We drove to the half way point to check the water flow and the guides started speaking feverish Italian.  I also […]

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