Kendall’s Blog


My name is Kendall. I am 9yrs old. My family and I are traveling to all 50 states. This is my journal of our trip.





State 1 – Arizona and the Connors
Today we drove 5 hours. We are now safe at the Connors campsite and there are two girls here too; there names are Esther and Zelda. They showed us a big hill, pottery, there dog, a lizard tree, and a tree with two trunks. In the afternoon we went to a petrified forest of wood and in the morning we left.

State 2 – New Mexico
The trip there I was very car sick, but we saw an ice cave! It was cool and cold! Now we are at camp finding a camping place! Now Chloe is getting on me and dad is setting up the tent for the night. It was a 5 hour drive here! We met some nice people and they told us about some place where you can feed and pet deer! We found a bunny near us; and a robin-red-breast and some kind of other bird. It was so fun there.We also went on a little tour on a firetruck and had a number;so that when we got off the firetruck,and someone called our number,we came up to the front and got a prize. Each number got a different prize.I got a cookie!!!!

State 3 – Oklahoma
And today we are driving only 3 hours! We stopped on the way to get water. It was so nice; we played in the water and it was hot that night.

State 4 – Kansas
We are going to a place to eat on our 3 hour drive today; and then we shall go where we wanted to go. Now we are getting gas at the gas station. We have set up camp and after camp was set up we all went to play in a big river! But mommy could not go because she had to nurse baby and make dinner too! At night the wind was so strong it blew the tent on daddy’s nose! Now we are playing a game called Old Maid and now we are eating dinner. And in the morning we played with Canada Geese! And one day we saw a turkey with it’s babies.

State 5 – Nebraska
It is hot here and so many ticks and mosquitoes that mom said, “I forgot about the bugs when I agreed to do this trip.” Because last trip we got soaked in the night and Dad said, “I’m going to be fine if it does not rain again tonight.” And mom said, I’m ok with it raining but not ok with all these bugs. And there is poison here too, and Chloe stepped in it! And we went tanking in the morning! It was fun on the river when we were on it.

State 6 – South Dakota
We like it here; we are staying in South Dakota for three days in different spots here. We spent one night here and it was nice. Now we are going to see Mt Rushmore, and on the way we stopped to go in a wnd cave and it was so fun! We went down lots of stairs! And now we are going again on our one hour trip to Mt Rushmore where we are going to camp for the night! We liked it there, and we just went through the Badlands! And there was a home on the way that was like Laura Ingalls Wilder’s home, and there were prairie dogs there! And there were big rocks in one campsite, and we have seen so many dragonflies here! We are going to Laura Ingalls homestead today, and we saw chicks and a chick with a bad hairdo and kitties. And we rode horses! It was fun!

State 7 – North Dakota
It had tall grass and frogs too. It was nice.

State 8 – Minnesota
Today we camped at a trail. There were lots of frogs and they lived in a bog. The tent fell on us in the night, and in the morning we played on a playground. And we went to the Mississippi River, and now we are leaving.

State 9 – Wisconsin
It was a nice drive. And we played on the way. And there were frogs in the shower!! It was so nice!

State 10 – Michigan
Well, it is pretty here. We saw two pretty waterfalls and Lake Superior. It is nice here, quiet and peaceful, and Chloe and Sydney are sticking stickers on the other. Elijah is helping make dinner, and Tirzah is screaming her head off. The 50 state challenge car(her name is red or reddy or sparky) is humming, and I am well writing this book of the “50 State Challenge.” And this morning we are taking Dad to the falls to kayak down the falls! He loved it!

State 11 – Iowa
It rained on the way there! But we slept in a cabin for two nights and played with a dog and a little boy. And there was thunder and lightning.

State 12 – Missouri
It was so hot. We had to go in the river to not be hot. In the morning we went to a cave to cool off, then we left.
We slept in a hotel tonight and then we saw a tower and got rained on.

State 13 – Illinois
Today it was hot here too. We think, but are not sure, that a raccoon was in our camp last night and then we left.

State 14 – Tennessee
It is hot here too! But there is a boat dock in a big river close to our camp and the river comes arround our camp. In the morning we saw a cardinal and a crane. Sydney talked that night, so we can not go swim and we left.

State 15 – Kentucky
We went in a mammoth cave! But it was so chilly that we had our hands on the inside of our shirts because dad did not bring our jackets.But it was still cool!

State 16 – Indiana
We went and saw a nice pretty park and left. We slept in a camp and chased lighting bugs.

State 17 – Ohio

State 18 – West Virginia

State 19 – Pennsylvania

State 20 – New York
My how time does fly. Today even though we are in the thousand islands and it is the 21st, it seems like we have ben in this campsite two days. It has been one day only! We are going to Bolt Castle tomorrow. Today we went swimming and met a man; and he said that there were clamshells with clams and they were called a I don’t know what.
It is hot here; and when we went swimming we got a frog. And I named (him or her) Spots. Daddy is cooking dinner and Chloe and Sydney are playing. Mommy is nursing and Elijah is helping. This morning we went to a castle! And had fun! And now we are sitting and enjoying having quiet time. I saw a squirrel!!!

State 21 – Vermont
It is pretty here. But so many bugs, yuck! But we could persevere!!!!

State 22 – New Hampshire

State 23 – Maine

In Maine, We went lobstering!!!!! For Chloe’s birthday!We caught one real lobster!!!! But we had to let it go because, it had lost some Arms and Legs in a fight for the food in the trap with another lobster. But we took pictures before we let it go.It was so cool!!!

State 24 – Massachusetts

State 25 – Rhode Island

We went sailing, and playing on Goat Island. There every one had a goat face and before everyone said a word they went BAAAA! P.S. Just kidding!!!!
And Grammy Marcia, we went to your lake, Lake Marcia, and swam (in your lake)! It was chilly! Brrr. But we saw a wild turkey!

State 26 – Connecticut
We went kayaking on a river called the Farmington and had a fun time. But I got stuck on a rapid, so daddy had to get up and take me to mommy. And mommy asked me to paddle up stream because I was ahead so I did or tried too go. The rapid pushed me back so my boat fell over and I fell out and daddy went and got my boat that was floating away. Mommy put me on her boat and took me to my boat and Chloe followed me and mommy to daddy, Sydney, and Elijah. It was a fun time.
State 27 – New Jersey

State 28 – Delaware

State 29 – Maryland
Today we are getting chased by Hurricane Irene.
Today we are on our way out of Maryland and we saw the wild  ponies. They were cool!

State 30 – Virginia

State 31 – North Carolina

State 32 – South Carolina

State 33 – Georgia

State 34 – Florida

State 35 – Alabama

State 36 – Mississippi
We went to Natchez and saw an Indian home and where they worshiped. It was fun. We ran down the hill and rolled down it. It was nice. And then we went to Louisiana.

State 37 – Louisiana

State 38 – Arkansas

State 39 – Texas

State 40 – Colorado
We started driving around 5:00 and drove for hours; it was 8:00 before we stopped. We went to a hotel, and, before we left to go to Colorado at all,I,Kendall, got wires put in to my mouth to fix my jaw, so it was hard to chew.Well, back to the beginning, we found a hotel for the night. Mommy was pregnant the whole trip! And it was my first time getting my teeth brushed on the trip with wires!

We were waked up at 5:30 in the morning by Elijah. Tirzah needed a diaper change and we had forgotten to get more than one diaper out of the car! So up Daddy got into the cold to get the diaper; when he got back we all were looking for my little lost blanket. I am sorry that I have never put in before that I always sleep with a little blanket and well, it was lost; well, we thought it was lost; but really it was safe;God put it safe for me.Thank you God! Then we went down the elevator to get breakfast.I got a little cranberry juice, egg, sausage, and something like a biscuit.Then we ran out of floss. But we still had to brush our teeth.I sneezed out of my mouth into the face of my Daddy! Then we went outside. But outside it was freezing, the car was too! At last the car became warm. The day past away. We stopped to see if we were staying the night, but they said “NO.”

The next morning,we were in the car for one hour; we stopped to play in the snow; we tried to make a snowman and made a pile of ice. We had to say goodbye to Daddy there and we cried for Daddy; than went to Mommy’s friend Elizabeth to stay the night and the next day.

Tomorrow is Elijah’s Birthday! We have a cake and cookie’s and tomorrow, Sunday, is Elijah’s Birthday!Saturday night we had a pillow fight with Qwinn 4, and Samuel 8, both boys until they had to go. Qwinn was afraid of the dark so I had to walk him home in my socks! Then we took showers; I,Kendall, went first, Chloe, and Sydney went next; Elijah was being put to bed, Tirzah was sleeping, and then, the water ran out of the shower all over the bathroom floor!!! Sydney was in the shower trying to get OUT! I ran in and cleaned up the mess and got Sydney out. When Mommy came in I told her about how God helped me clean up the mess.Then we went to sleep and in the morning HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELIJAH!!!
We had eggs and then we gave Elijah a shower with mommy and Tirzah….

Tirzah loves her Mommy so much she can’t even leave her for a few minutes! Elijah and Mommy were going to the car for a minute, and Tirzah wanted to go to, but Mommy said “NO.”So I took Tirzah away and she cried.
Kendall, do you want your hair curled? Asks Mother. Yes, please;I answer.Well, I am about to put the hair curler away, she says. All right, I say. So I got my hair curled for Elijah’s 3rd Birthday! I asked Chloe and Sydney to get their hair curled, but, they did not want to.
This is a copy of Elijah’s Birthday Card :
Dear Elijah,
Happy Birthday!!!
You are one Handsome, Handsome,
BOY!!!You are three years old!!!
What a BIG BOY!!!
Then we went and picked up daddy. Now let us tell a little of what happened with daddy while we were away. Daddy listened to people and went across a whole lake that was frozen, made friends, took hikes, and enjoyed himself.
At last we picked daddy up and went to the Millers’ house. Mr. Kevin Miller showed the house to us and daddy’s new friends. Their kids were: Caleb, Autumn, Eliza, Ian, Canyon, Serene, and baby Nekoda. Canyon showed us tricks for Elijah’s birthday, we played hide and seek, we went to a house for dinner, played on a climbing wall, and slept in a hotel.

In the morning time we ate Elijah’s cake. Then we began to pack up our things to leave the hotel.
Then we left. We went to a sledding hill and sled and sled and sled for one hour! But we went to see snow people first. There was a horse, octopus holding a ship, ice dragon, prison, castle, bus. Then we went over a bridge and Tirzah was sick so mommy carried her. At one point I decided to walk next to mommy and at that we were walking on ice and BOOM! Mommy fell down on me with Tirzah who was still sick! And Mommy was with child! One or two days nothing happened.

State 41 – Utah
Then we went to the Arches National Park and there Chloe, Sydney, Elijah, and I were protected by God’s mighty power; and God did it by “Brian Tuten” my father on earth was made to protect us for “God” my real daddy to use us when we are older. And right after that I got angry with my sister Chloe. I try not to get angry, but it happens.

Again we slept in a hotel; Daddy and I slept in the same bed; Elijah beside daddy and I; Mommy and Chloe were together and Sydney slept between all of us. Tirzah kept us up all night. At midnight Tirzah slept in the bathroom. I slept the rest of the night and got up at 6:00 and Elijah slept the rest of the night with Daddy and I. Every one else got up at 7:00. We drove home; for 5 hours we were in the car. Then we were home, home, home. We were so glad to be home.

Goodbye for a time!

State 42 – Nevada
We went to a camp called “Red Rock Canyon.” We put up the tent, then ate dinner and tried to go to bed. Now the adventure started when the wind kicked up. So it broke our tent. And we had to go to a hotel. In the morning, we took a bath. The water was cold!! Then we got up to leave. We went to the Devil’s hole. The Devil’s Hole had fish, and I saw a lizard! We met some people who told us about it. Then we had to go to another campsite.

State 43 – California
Death Valley
The black birds are loud. They come to camp and sing for us. The wind is strong too. It blew Tirzah over. A sandstorm caught us off guard. So we were more careful after that! But the sandstorm bent up our new tent! Oh my! Can we get another one?! Will we! We had to sleep in a hotel that night.In the morning,we bought a new tent and went to a campsite to try it out. We have a stream near our camp. Chloe and Sydney play and play. While they are playing,daddy is setting up our tent. Then a dust devil came over and Chloe,Sydney and Elijah came runing back to us. It soon passed though;so that daddy could set up our tent.Then we have dinner. Then we see a car. The car comes closer. The people in the car get out and set up two tents. (They have 2 daughters) Nolen and Julia are from France, and we met them in California. We are on our 50 State Challenge.We just came from the devils hole. We had Nolen put on our California sticker for us. Daddy, Chloe, Sydney and I went up a mountain. Then we went to sleep, and in the morning Nolen gave me a friendship bracelet!I gave her one too.Then we had to leave.

Brush Creek

Down the Drain

Sequoia & Fresno


State 44 – Oregon
State 45 – Washington

State 46 – Idaho
We camped in a kind of canyon. We went for a walk in the trees ad saw the lake, a nice cross, and some little birds so sweet! And then we played on a huge playground! So fun! Then we went to a waterfall and a bridge that really swings! And I found a “fairy slipper” flower!

State 47 – Montana
State 48 – Wyoming
State 49 – Alaska
It has been a long, long day! From 5:00a (Packing) to 6:29p! Let me explain: 5:00 we finished packing, then we went to the airport. We got there early enough to make a mistake! We went to check in our bags and we went to check in at the wrong place! But we fixed it. Then we were just in time for the plane, when mommy found out she left her purse somewhere! Daddy ran for it and almost missed the plane. But all of us got on the plane. For 2 1/2 hours on the plane we were good. Then we got off the plane and waited for 3 hours to get on the next plane. But the hours flew by. First, we ate lunch. Next, we went to the quiet zone. There was a sign – The Quiet Zone: Please help us keep this place The Quiet Zone for people to work, read books, and relax. Daddy, mommy and all of us kids did not read the sign! Well, I read the sign after we played Red Rover! Everyone stared! And then a little boy Adrian, asked to play! His dad works in Japan! Well, then we caught the airplane to Alaska. There was a man who sat next to me and Sydney, whose name is Mr. John. He told us about places to go in Alaska. He lived there with Mrs. Gracie his wife. Then we went to the hotel we were going to sleep in; and slept and slept. But when still in the airport we rented a car.

What to do in Alaska? It is now 7:48a. All of us have showered or taken a bath. But not Hosanna our new baby. And it is still dark outside! Wow! What to do in Alaska? Most of us kids have asked that question. And daddy and mommy have asked it too.