The rocks will cry out – Italy

by Funhog Family on May 12, 2023

Jesus replied, “I tell you, if these stop speaking, the stones will cry out!” – Luke 19:40

We were in bed by mid-night.  Tirzah and I got the top queen sized bunk and Nathan/Jane got the bottom bunk.  We were all snoring happily away until morning when my internal clock told me I would now have to wake up at ~5a local time.  Tirzah’s internal clock chose to wake her at ~11a and then Nathan/Jane got up around ~2p.  Josh had run to the local bakery, giving us croissants for our wake up meal.  Then it was off to setup the campsite for the ‘You Are That Man’ group.  Everyone came to help us set up base camp, which was in the middle of a vineyard, with birds singing and mountains all around.  With basecamp set up, it was now time for the first adventure, a Via Ferreta.

Josh’s daughter Anna (14) gave us our safety talk, teaching us what to do on the Via Ferreta.  She did an amazing job leading us through the Ferreta. Ferretas were created in Italy during WWII, when the military needed a way to quickly cross the mountains.  They installed steel cables and ladders to get over the mountains.  Now of days you where a rock climbing helmet, rock climbing harness, and have two lines coming from your harness that can attach to the steel cable.  As you climb the mountain, you clip into the cable.  You are always clipped into at least one cable.  Anna told us how clip in and how to transition from one cable to another, and also what to do if a rock came loose above and is falling down toward you (hint – don’t look up, but instead lay against the rock wall hoping it will fly on past).

It turns out that Tirzah LOVES Via Ferretas.  She quickly picked up what was required and did the whole thing without any help.  Her and Anna had a great time just chatting while they climbed.  We had a large group, but we eventually made it to the top of the mountain.  At the very top where lots of mountain goats.  You could pet them, but then be prepared to get butted, as they wanted you to feed them.  We spent a little time enjoying the top and the goats, then we walked about ~15mins along the top of the mountain to where Anthony had set up several rock climbing opportunities for us to enjoy.  Tirzah had a wonderful time rock climbing.  She loved being on the rock and seeing all the scenery from the top of the climbs.  After she had finished her climbing, Tirzah and the rest of the ladies left to go back to the apartment while the guys went camping to start our You Are That Man ministry trip.

One of the things that I have loved about this area is how all the ministries are working together. Sunder is with YWAM, Josh with IMB, Anthony with Reliance (Into the wilderness). They all are on a mission for Jesus and help each other. It is so beautiful to watch and experience.

You Are That Man is a ministry effort that is based on Nathan Phillips’ journey with the Lord leading him how to inculcate or write God’s word on the tablet of your heart.  It is unashamedly Christian/ decidedly Relational/ intentionally Adventurous.  We invite men into an adventure in God’s creation and while we are enjoying the majesty of all the Lord has made, we spend time in and with God’s word, learning how speak God’s word into existence (Romans 4:17) in our lives.  Nathan does much of the teaching and I lead much of the adventure.

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Diane Tuten May 16, 2023 at 10:16 am

Goodness gracious what amazing adventures and experiences with others! May God continue to guide you and abide within you! Love you! Mom

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