“We are made for something greater, but it takes a journey to discover what that is.”
– C.S. Lewis

Hello, my name is Brian (a.k.a. “dad”) and if you have read any of these blog posts, you will quickly realize I have the most amazing family on this planet.  I have been married to my wife, Jodi, for thirteen incredible years. We have six very cool children: Kendall (9), Chloe (7), Sydney (5), Elijah (3), Tirzah (2), Hosanna (>1).  All of us are funhogs to the core.  Kendall started canyoneering at 10 months old, rappelling with me and floating through slot canyons in a blow up kid float. Chloe has her own kayak and ran her first waterfall (6ft) when she was 3. Sydney loves to go rappelling and zip lining, always asking, “Daddy can I go again?”  Elijah is fearless and our resident water rat, all smiles when wet.  Tirzah is powerfully happy and game for any adventure she is part of.  Hosanna lights up any place blessed with her presence, as her infectious smile conquers even the hardest of hearts. As you can see, our family has fun together, and we make family and marriage a priority.  Time is fleeting and the opportunity to connect precious.  Our mission is to make our family our adventure and cultivating relationships our journey, hopefully inspiring others along the way to invest in what matters most.


Brian - Daddy Funhog

Jodi - Mommy Funhog


Kendall - Funhog #1

Chloe - Funhog #2




Sydney - Funhog #3

Elijah - Funhog #4























Tirzah - Funhog #5

Hosanna - Funhog #6





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