Play Day & Via Ferrata – Italy

by Funhog Family on May 16, 2023

Dad’s Day –
The rain came down all night long on our tents.  It did not look promising that we would be able to do a via ferrate that day, but we decided to at least hike to the beginning of it.  It took us an hour to drive to the start of the hike.  Then we hiked for two hours down hill.  There was a beautiful waterfall at one point and lots of canyons with running water.  I was praying for the rain to stop and the rock to be dry enough for us to do our adventure.  Anthony had a 6p appointment, so we were going pretty fast, as we had a late start.

We finally made it to the base of the via ferrata.  The rain never stopped, but God did answer our prayer.  The majority of the via ferrata was under an overhanging cliff.  The route was completely dry, even though it was raining!  After having some discussion on whether or not we would have enough time to do it.  We decided that it would be faster to climb the ferrata than doing the uphill hike all the way back to the car, which would take at least 3 or more hours.

The via ferrata started out with a 20ft ladder.  We spent the next 2.5hrs clipped in, perched on the edge of the world.  It was a beautiful day.  The vistas were incredible and the fellowship to match.  The rocks were definitely crying out to the glory of God.

Tirzah’s Day –
This was a rain day.  Aunt Jane and Mrs Amy took Theo for a walk.  I got to hang out at home all day playing with Henry (9) and Finn (11).  We played Uno most of the day until we got tired of it.  Then we went downstairs to the garage and backyard area to play tag.  

Aunt Jane and Henry create a new bed time song!

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