Hills & Valleys – Italy

May 13, 2023

Dad’s Day –We woke up at camp to the birds singing.  Then we left to rent mountain bikes.  The day turned out to be a day of prayer.  Our first opportunity was to pray over the weather.  The forecast said ‘Thunderstorms that are seriously a threat to human life!’  We prayed and had clear skies […]

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The rocks will cry out – Italy

May 12, 2023


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The Gift of Seeing – Italy

May 7, 2023

The whole family piled into the van to launch us on Tirzah’s grand adventure.  It was 6a in the morning, but that did not seem to phase any of the smiling, chattering children.  The littles (Faythe/Glory/Honour) were just excited to be going somewhere.  We made it too and through the airport with no issues.  We […]

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The Time Has Come – Italy

May 6, 2023

“For a man’s ways are in full view of the Lord, and he examines all his paths.” – Proverbs 5:22 Covid happened right before our Tirzah Joy Tuten turned 10 years old.  She was ready to set out on her adventure, but the world stood still.  We all were put in a holding pattern as […]

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Lamplighter Guild – Beginnings

June 2, 2020

May 26th-27th, and June 1st,2020 The Beginning My family loves Lamplighter, and we have known about the Guild for a long time, however, we have always hesitated about going because of how expensive it is. At the end of December 2019, Daddy told me that there would be only one more Guild because Lamplighter was […]

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The Long Journey Home

September 14, 2019

We got up at 4:30a to start our journey home.  The airport was 15mins away and traffic was light that early in the morning, allowing us to drop of the rental car and still make it with plenty off time to catch our flight.  Our flight to Vienna, Austria for a layover was pretty quick […]

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Learning Ljubljana – Slovenia

September 13, 2019

Originally we had planned to continue camping the last three days of the trip.  The weather changed and with predictions of 1-2 inches of rain per night we decided hotels may be a better fit.  This would also mean we would not have to pack soaking wet gear to travel home.  For our last rainy […]

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Tourist Time – Solvenia

September 10, 2019

Today Elijah and I decided we would try something we have not done during our whole trip, be tourists.  We started our day off with going on a 11a tour of the Skocjan Caves, with several hundred of our closest tourist friends.  At the entrance they split us up into six groups of 40 so […]

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Wash/Rinse/Repeat – Socca Fun, Solvenia

September 9, 2019

Wash/Rinse/Repeat.  Seems like we have gotten into a cycle on this trip of me doing something with Elijah, then allowing him to show me how to do it, and finally him leading me through it.  We woke up in Italy with the rain clouds gathering.  We knew that it would be raining heavy for the […]

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Basking in the Rio Simon – Italy

September 8, 2019

We got up early to be on our way to the Rio Simon today.  It was a must do canyon on our trip, that is known for its beauty and ticks!  The hike into these canyons always surprises us.  What I am reminded of constantly is that we are in poor shape for hiking in […]

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