New Hampshire – Adventures in Showering and Franconia Notch

by Funhog Family on August 14, 2011

Adventures in Showering

What does a $1.50 purchase these days? Well, in New Hampshire you can get a 7 ½ minute shower for that amount. Guess how many people can bath in a 7 ½ minute shower? I bet you guessed the correct number, seven!!!
It was hysterical as we all tried to wash and rinse before our time was up. I had set my stop watch and was calling out the time every 30 seconds. All the kids were finished in 5 minutes, so Jodi and I got a whole minute a piece. Just as the shower cut off I finished rinsing the last of the suds off my back. I looked at the stop watch, and the shower had only been on for 7 minutes, so we got gypped a full 30 seconds on our time. The real comedy occurred while we were all congratulating ourselves for making it in our allotted time. Jodi was holding Tirzah in her arms and Tirzah started peeing all over Jodi! The whole family burst out laughing (even Jodi).

Flume Gorge

On to the Franconia Notch Flume Gorge we went! Basically, the state has built a walkway up through a gorge, overlooking and running beside the river and its waterfalls. It was beautiful – with green moss, lichen, and ferns growing all around and the river flowing through it. There was even a covered bridge on the trail to the gorge, reminiscent of the old days (before we were born). We also took the Franconia Notch Tramway up almost 2 miles to the top of a mountain. We hiked to the observation tower and went up to see out over the gorgeous White Mountains of New Hampshire. The sky was overcast, but the sun peeked through showing patches of sunbeams streaming over the valley below. What a sight!
And at our campsite we had a very friendly chipmunk weave in and around our chairs and let the girls feed him the last of Daddy’s trail mix, which was mostly peanuts. It was a win win, as he got some stores and the girls loved having him eat out of their hands.

Feeding Time





The Canyon Tram

Franconia Notch Overlook

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