Vermont – Smuggler’s Notch

by Funhog Family on August 13, 2011

Birch Groove

We drove into Vermont to Smuggler’s Notch State Park and found ourselves on a small, winding road with boulders all around and a canopy of Paper Birch, Maple, and Fir trees – very beautiful. We stopped at a small country store on our way to get some Vermont Maple Syrup and ended up with a few little treats as well, one of which being some pancake mixes to be used on Chloe’s birthday in a few days. We camped that night in a 3-sided lean-to which was so nice as it poured down rain all night long. This also gave the kids something new to play in and around at camp, which they really appreciated. The next day we drove back up to those boulders, hiking in and around them and up to an “overlook” of sorts. The kids especially loved exploring among them, finding new crevices they could fit through and new rocks to climb over. Then we went to see Bingham Falls near our campground, which was in quite the gorge, small but large amounts of water plunging through it. The water was so cold that we did not spend a lot of time playing in it, though there were a few who were more daring around us. One thing we discovered was that no gas stations in Vermont have public restrooms. We were dismayed at this discovery, as we stopped at 2 different gas stations before being told this, and we all had to PEEE very badly by this time. Thankfully, we found the trusty, old McDonald’s!! We found Vermont to be a beautiful place and would enjoy another visit to explore the Green Mountains.

Maple Ice Cream


Our Shelter

The Summit


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