Maine (Part 1) – Acadia National Park

by Funhog Family on August 15, 2011

Acadia Views

We intentionally plan our drive days to be between 2-4hrs in length. To get to Maine it took us 5hrs, which is past our normal tolerance levels. It had been 25yrs since I was last in Acadia National Park, so I was amazed at the crowds. (I love people, just not in massive numbers.) We did not make a reservation for a campsite, so we pulled into a campground with a “FULL” sign to see if we could get a site. The really cool part was, as we were waiting in the line to get to the reservations window, I was praying for a cancellation. Then when I told the lady at the window we did not have a reservation she said, “You FOOL, how could you come to Acadia National Park on a weekend in August without a reservation. You are so lucky, as I just found a site open.” (If God wants us to stay somewhere he will make a way, otherwise we move on to where he wants us.) We got settled into our answered prayer and then took a walk to the Atlantic Ocean. It was beautiful to look out and see all of the lobster traps and the surf pounding the rocks below.

Fairy Land Fun

In camp we met Duncan and Cassidy, two kids from the campsite next to ours. They had created a fairyland out of moss, pine cones, leaves, sticks, and more. Our kids had tremendous amounts of fun joining them in their game. The fairyland turned into more of a multilayer complex before everything was said and done. One thing that is great to see is how fast the kids make friends on our trip. They know that they have a short period of time to play, so they make the most of it and cut out all the normal getting to know you type stuff, getting straight to the full on play. We have seen it happen a couple of times now.

A Chilly Good Time

The next day we made a day of the park and went to all the main stays for Acadia. Wading through the mass of humanity did not diminish the beauty of the place. The favorite part for our family was Sand Beach, where we spent the majority of our time. The kids would surf the waves, or rather get rolled and pounded by the surf. The best one was Sydney where she got barrel rolled three times before the surf let her go. She came up not being sure if she should be scared and cry or all smiles. I started cheering her telling her how cool it was to see and that I wanted a video. She was all smiles then and went back for more. We all swam and played as much as the 55 degree water would allow. When our teeth started chattering too bad we would get out and warm up building sand castles with the smaller kids. All in all it was a great time and another place we could see spending more time in one day.

Sunny Day

Learning to walk

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