A Creation Birthday

by Funhog Family on August 1, 2011

Creation Museum

Our Kendall turned eight years old today. For her day of honor she had a couple of requests that we tried to meet (keep to the family tradition of getting the number of chocolates to match your age, a hotel with a pool to get out of the heat, and a visit to the Creation Museum). Because of these requests, we pushed through Indiana quicker and ended up at a campground south of the museum where we met a very kind gentleman who supported what we were doing by allowing us a night free at the River Ridge Park Campground. We started the next day with a trip to the Creation Museum. Our expectations were high and once we started walking through this life-like exhibit we were blown away with the quality and attention to detail of every aspect of our journey. There was so much information I could have easily spent two days reading, listening, and experiencing it all. We thought of our friend Lori Silverberg who loves to read and absorb life-giving truth. This was not possible as we tried to keep track of our kids, but we did our best to pay attention to details. One thing we found interesting and had never thought of before was, in a replica of the ark, they showed a potted garden for growing fresh vegetables. Jodi and I both agreed that our family would come again when the life size Noah’s Ark exhibit is finished.

Noah's Flood

Regardless of your beliefs, the Creation Museum is a place everyone needs to experience. Let the information challenge you. It is also ok to question everything and do your own research. God is big enough to handle your questions, and you may just get some understanding. We are so thankful for Ken Ham and the Answers in Genesis ministry. After meeting and listening to him twelve years ago we decided homeschooling was our only option (once we began to have kids) in order to give our children a biblical worldview.
After the Creation Museum we went looking for chocolate and a hotel. It took us a while to find them, but in the end we were successful and have a room full of happy kids that testify to our success.


Camel Ride

Dino Ride


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