Ohio – A Hocking Good Time

by Funhog Family on August 2, 2011

Conkles Hollow

If you are not from Ohio you have probably never heard of Hocking Hills, Conkle’s Hollow, or Old Man’s Cave. They were new to me when we started doing research on destinations for this trip. Now that we are here I can say that pictures simply do not do it justice. It is so beautiful and seems out of place at the same time. We did two hikes, Conkle’s Hollow and the Old Man’s Cave. For each one we parked in an open area with full sunlight and the temperatures in the high 90s. Then we got out of the van and hiked maybe 100 yards, only to be swallowed by the canopy of trees. The temperature dropped to a very pleasant 78 degrees, due to the cold mountain stream running along the trail. The scenery also became more like the pacific northwest as the landscape became covered with ferns, moss, and fir trees. If I had not been the one to drive us here, I might question we were actually in Ohio. There were waterfalls and again plenty of poison ivy. Each hike turned out to be full on family fun. There where even two tunnels cut out through the rock that the kids had so much fun exploring. This place is worth a repeat visit, and we will definitely come back if we are ever in the area again.

Old Man's Cave



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