Indiana – A Clifty Falls

by Funhog Family on July 31, 2011


Heading north and hoping for cooler weather, we entered Indiana. We crossed over the Ohio River again, our destination: Clifty Falls State Park. This park is full of waterfalls, hiking trails, tunnels, and caves. We learned, once there, that Indiana works very hard to keep its parks pristine. The trails are mostly overlooks so we could not actually wade in the water or sit under a waterfall. It is also illegal to go off the trail and the brochure made it sound like they seriously prosecute trail blazers. It was a little overwhelming to be within twenty feet of a cool stream and not be allowed to touch it, especially with the heat. The hiking trails were tons of fun though. The ones we did were perched on the side of steep cliffs, and the trails were as much wooden board walks as they were dirt paths. Poison ivy is everywhere too, so I’m waiting and watching for the first signs of it. The kids still do not think it a big deal(they’ve never had poison ivy before); so I am sure we will have some lessons to learn at some point along the way, though that is one form of suffering we’d love to forego.


The Trail



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