Kentucky – A Mammoth Experience

by Funhog Family on July 30, 2011

Mammoth Cave

This summer has been a hot and wet as we have been traveling across the country. We were delighted to be descending into Mammoth Cave National Park during the heat of the day. We were so focused on how refreshing it would be to be in the cave that we forgot to bring jackets for the kids. This was the coldest cave we have been in (even colder than the ice caves), so the kids were freezing before we even finished the steps leading to the cave entrance. Our options were to bear it or leave. So, we choose to bear and deal with the whimpering. We did excessive amounts of cuddling while listening to the ranger tell us all about the cave. Mammoth Cave is just what the name implies, HUGE! It is so amazingly big that you could fly a helicopter in the rooms we visited. The first room we came to was an acre in size and the largest is three acres! This cave does not really have the beautiful formations other caves showcase, but the immensity of the cave is well worth the visit.

Abraham Lincoln's Boyhood Home

While we were heading north from Mammoth we saw signs for Abraham Lincoln’s boyhood home, so we detoured to go check it out.  It was fun to touch a little piece of our countries history.  I was very impressed with how well built the cabin was.  It was nice and cool even though the temperatures outside were soaring.


Cave Fun


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