Tennessee – Land Between the Lakes

by Funhog Family on July 29, 2011

Lake Camping

Crossing over the Tennessee state line felt a lot like coming home. Growing up in Georgia and spending a lot of my college days paddling on the lakes and rivers of Tennessee, it was great to be back. Our destination was an area called the Land Between the Lakes, and our campsite was right on the lake. The best part was we were the only ones there and even better, it was free!!! It did come at a cost though, as the heat and humidity were so oppressive that all of us had a hard time going to sleep. Imagine laying in bed in a puddle of your own sweat. During the heat of the day we decided to go for a swim, and it was comical that we could not tell when we entered the water because the humidity and water temperature seemed to be the same whether you were in the water or on land.
The morning though was worth all the unpleasantness of the afternoon before. The mist rolls across the mountains and the water, displaying a beauty that is hard to describe. Elijah and I went for a swim and the water was cool and refreshing. We had so much fun that an hour later we were still laughing and splashing. Elijah has such an amazing laugh, as it starts deep in his belly and consumes his whole body. Just hearing him laugh makes my heart smile.
After our swim it was decided that we should head north to find a cooler spot to camp. Our time was short in Tennessee, but the memories we made there will last a lifetime.


Good Morning


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