Ticked Off!

by Funhog Family on July 24, 2011

Just keeps ticking!!!

I had a moment! One of those if this happens again, I’m going to a hotel, kind of moments! Last night, during the storm, I finished eating, took down my hair, and laid down to try to sleep. As I rolled to one side I felt something crawling near the back of my left ear. I reached back grabbed it and put it out of my tent in the storm. This afternoon, as I nursed Tirzah before bed, I found the same little something crawling on my arm, and I did the same thing. This time I saw what it was – a tick, not a small one either!! So, when Brian came by with a blanket for Tirzah’s crib, he got an earful!! It was one thing to see ticks and all those other creepy, nasty, filthy, disgusting insects God created for some unknown reason but a whole other to have one in my tent! And I would rather this trip cost us double what we planned than to find another one near my or my kids’ beds! He got the message loud and clear, and he very diligently shook and looked over the blanket before giving it to me. Now, I try very hard not to be one of those ultimatum wives. Brian said he thought we should do this trip, I said, “Let’s go!” Brian said he thought we should camp the whole way to save money, I said, “Great! When do we leave?!” And truthfully, I would not even try to force Brian to stay in hotels the rest of the way, but like I said, I had a moment. I’m over it now, but I must clarify that I’m not over it simply because that’s just what you do – you get over it. (For all those husbands who don’t understand why your wife brings stuff up that you thought was dealt with long ago. If it wasn’t truly dealt with, it will come up again. And I have a great book for you if you’re interested in truly getting understanding.) I’m over it because Brian understood. He comforted me. He let me know that he doesn’t want our kids sleeping with ticks(or me either). He also let me know that he found the little tick outside my tent and threw it over the cliff – my HERO!!
(Helpful Hint: Tea Tree Oil can be used to get ticks off.  Place some on the tick and he lets go because he can’t breathe.)

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cheryl July 25, 2011 at 9:49 am

Hey there, love your blog, and I don’t blame you one bit about the tics…yuk! Looks like you and your family will have lots and lots of memories.

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