Wisconsin – Deer, Horseflies, & Sleep

by Funhog Family on July 23, 2011

Enjoying Copper Falls

We got to Copper Falls State Park in time for naps. We put Tirzah and Elijah down and the rest of us had snack time. Tirzah took a short 1-hr nap and Elijah wouldn’t sleep; so, we hiked to Copper & Brownstone Falls. The hike was warm and muggy, but there wasn’t too much complaining as we made our way above the falls to play in the river. We thoroughly enjoyed getting wet until the horseflies decided we tasted good. We spent some time trying to splash them away but to no avail. Thus we headed down from the falls. The overlooks were nicer on this side of the river and the flies left us alone. What was most pleasant was seeing 2 does on our path. They seemed quite familiar with people and weren’t spooked at all. We saw another deer at the end of the trail as we went for some ice cream cones at the concession. There’s something simply lovely about deer. When we got back to camp, we began making dinner but heard quite a bit of thunder. We quickly made some grilled cheese sandwiches, visited the potty, and got in our tents before the storm began. And it was a doozy, though it only lasted about 2 hours. We ate and went to sleep early, which was most needed, as everyone was very tired.

Crawdad Fun

Copper Falls

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