Iowa – A cave, a spring, and a cabin

by Funhog Family on July 25, 2011

Decorah Ice Cave - Brrrrrr

Dunnings Spring

Whenever I used to think about Iowa, I always thought of a flat land full of corn. When we crossed over the Mississippi which was the state line, we found something that was anything but flat. The land was full of rocky outcroppings and rolling hills. We made our way to Decorah, IA, to explore the Decorah Ice Cave. It was cold in the cave, but we were not able to find any ice as we walked the passageways. Down the road from the cave we found Dunnings Springs. A park was created around the pretty waterfall and the kids loved wading in the stream below it. The water was so cold that Kendall said, “Daddy, I’ve lost my feet. I can no longer feel them!” We left Decorah and drove through countless miles of beautiful landscapes covered with corn. In Delhi, we met Paula, the tourism director for Delaware County and the sister of a good friend of ours, Roger Weber. Paula met us at the town park, and then we all went to her families’ lake cabin which she allowed us to use0. There we were treated to a hometown barbeque.

Paula, Liam, Grandma Weber, & Margo

Eighty year old grandma Weber came with an extremely yummy potato salad and entertained us with stories of her life full of adventure, from driving motorhomes cross country to raising twelve children. The kids relished the freedom of playing in the yard, racing a little toy tricycle down the hill. We enjoyed staying at the lake cabin for two glorious days as the rains pounded the countryside. We were able to appreciate the nice, cozy cabin so much more after our nights experiencing thunderstorms in our tents. As we leave Iowa, we will long remember the hospitality of the people and how they went out of their way to make us feel like part of the family.

Cabin Time

Can I sleep here?


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Diane Tuten July 26, 2011 at 8:57 am

This would be so interesting if I could actually watch a video instead of bits of still shots ….guess it’s impossible for us to get better reception with a wireless signal! Love to you all. Mom and Dad

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