Michigan – Water, Rocks, & Wildlife (Part 2)

by Funhog Family on July 22, 2011

Never to young

This morning as the rains came and after it rained last night, I got the opportunity to use one of the tools created by Battlefield Ministries in their book on relationships that we are giving away on our trip. I was pretty short in my conversations with Jodi and the kids. I had a heavy feeling of discontent upon me. I did not know the cause but knew I needed to dig deeper and find the root of my issue. It finally came down to me desiring more time kayaking. The rains brought the river up to a fun level, and I had to make the decision to put my family above my own desires. The right decision for our family was to pack up and leave before the rains came again. It meant I would not be able to do the river at a level I could run all the waterfalls. After I understood the reason for my discontent I was able to work through it and then apologize to my family. This trip is about sacrifice and putting my family before my own desires. This was a good reminder for me and it shows how much growing I still have to do! Another thing I am finding interesting on this trip is that my love and my nemesis are the same. I love the rain and how it brings up the rivers to kayak, but I hate packing wet gear and setting up camp in the rain. So, I find I am able to love and detest something in the same instance. It gives me another opportunity to appreciate everything I love about it, so the things that bother me no longer seem like such a big deal. By the way, we are seeing a lot of rain on this trip. It seems God uses it to move us from camp to camp and to get us to bed for much needed rest.

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Aimee Murphy July 22, 2011 at 2:01 pm

Brian, what a wonderful blog.. You rock as a man of God!!! The Lord will truly bless you as you “consider others as more important than yourself.” Blessings Bro!!
I am praying that Jesus gives you the most extreme kayaking adventure you’ve ever had, while you’re on your trip…

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