Hawaii – A Seally Good Time

by Funhog Family on October 19, 2012

The Clan

Our activity for the day was a two mile round trip hike to the Makapu’u Point Lighthouse. The trail was rated easy and great for kids, so we thought it would be a good fit for us. What we did not plan on is the sun. The previous days we had plenty of cloud cover, but today there was not a cloud in the sky. Add to that the fact that we made a wrong turn driving to the hike and wound up in a Honolulu traffic jam which delayed our start time. Regardless of the heat we all had a very enjoyable time, and the wind off the ocean kept our spirits up as we made our way to the top. I carried Tirzah the majority of the way, but Elijah basically did the entire hike at the pace of his grandfather, which is about triple his normal speed! The views at the top were beautiful and well worth the effort to get there.

Beach Beauty

Another fun thing we did enroute to our hike was stop at one of the beaches for pictures. While we were there someone pointed out the Hawaiian Monk Seal sunning itself on the beach. The seal had a name, Irma, and had been a local resident of the beach for the last two months. The kids got a kick out of watching the seal and wished to get much closer than twenty-five feet. The surf was incredible there, as the boogie boarders were tearing up the ten foot waves, sometime getting pounded where the surf meets the sand. Elijah also enjoyed the spear fishing snorkelers who emerged from the surf with the string of fish and camo-patterned wetsuits.
After all the fun we headed home for naps and then an afternoon of swimming at the beach one block from our house. It has become a much looked forward theme of each day, as the kids beg to go play in the ocean at least once a day. I love the water and play as much as they do so we go have a great time, always coming home with smiles.

I am Hiker

Monk-ey business

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