Hawaii – Aloha

by Funhog Family on October 18, 2012

Beach Time

Hawaii is the fiftieth state and our fiftieth state! On our last state my parents are joining in the adventure by joining us for a week of fun in the sun. We spent the first day traveling, with much less excitement than our trip to Alaska. We arrived at the airport with plenty of time and made our way through all the logistics that would put us on the plane. The kids were great on the six hour flight, much to the delight of all the anxious adults who sat around us worrying that so many kids would mean a miserable flight. We have found that lots of snacks and activities like coloring keep the little ones occupied making the time pass more quickly. After the six hour flight we were all ready to get off the plane. We took a shuttle bus to baggage claim, picked up our bags and then took another shuttle bus to get our rental cars. We decided to get two cars on this trip as the price for two cars was only a third that of a twelve passenger van. Our drive to our rental house was beautiful going through the rain and mountains. Our house is a block from the beach and at the base of Jurassic Park style mountains.
By the time we unloaded all of our stuff and ate dinner it was 5:30p, which sounded like a great time to start getting ready for bed. Everyone was asleep by 7p, except myself and the baby who needed another hour for her manual swing (me) to rock her into dreamland. At 2:20a the fun began as Tirzah, our 2yr old, announced she had slept long enough and it was now morning. Elijah hearing the noise got up excited, being glad he had slept the night through and could now play. The roosters confirmed their assumptions by starting their crowing at 3a and continuing until well after daylight. Somehow I got both Tirzah and Elijah to go back to sleep, which they did sporadically until 6a, which is the time all are allowed to engage the day.
We made it a light day, enjoying the house, the yard, and especially the free range chickens. The kids had chickens as pets last year and get so much joy out of chickens when we see them. In the morning we went to a Macadamia Nut Farm, tasting yummy nuts and Jodi had some of their home grown coffee. Then it was home for afternoon naps. After naps we all went for a swim in the ocean. Body surfing is such an incredible activity. I never knew how challenging it could be with three girls trying to climb to the highest point on your body all while being pounded in the surf! Hawaii is turning out to be loads of Le’ale’a (fun).

Sky High

Me too!!!

Flower Power

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