Oregon:Crater Lake – Buried in the Snow

by Funhog Family on April 17, 2012

A Winter Wonderland

The reward is always so much sweeter when you have to go that extra mile to attain it. We got the opportunity to persevere en route to Crater Lake. All the rain in California brought lots of snow to the higher elevations of Oregon. As we ascended in altitude towards Crater Lake the snow fall and accumulation grew and grew. By the time we were within three miles of the lake there was a foot of snow on the road, snow banks on each side of the van fifteen feet high, and snow falling so rapidly that the defroster on the van in addition to the windshield wipers could not keep ice from covering my view of the road. We were not prepared for winter travel and did not have chains, so as the van started to slip and slide I made a safety call and backed the van down the road to a point we could turn around. Within fifteen miles we were below the snow line and able to enjoy our evening before again trying to make it to Crater Lake the next day.
We awoke to clear skies and strong winds. The roads had been scraped around 4am, so they were relatively clear to make it to the top. Once on top we still could not see the lake as there were twenty foot snow drifts between the road and the lake. I got some directions on where the lake should be and suited up in my ski clothes, determined to see the lake (no snow shoes with us this trip). It was not nearly as bad as I had planned for. The snow was hard packed so I was able to climb it and then bring each of the kids up to see the winter wonderland around Crater Lake. It was beautiful and well worth all the effort that went into making our time getting there special.

White Out!!!

Buried in the Snow

A Wind Blown Beauty

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