California – Big Red

by Funhog Family on April 16, 2012

Big Red

The rain let up for a while in the morning, long enough for us to do a short hike through Jedidiah Smith State Park’s redwood grove. It was quite the experience as everything was dripping wet and covered, with green moss, very unlike the arid desert we are used to. There was an amazing amount of ferns and lush foliage. Since I had visited the redwoods when I was young, I was hoping to show the kids some banana slugs. So, we prayed for and found a banana slug on our hike. Chloe was the one who found it and we all knew it immediately as she went screaming in the opposite direction. It eventually grew on her though, and she got time to examine it closer. I tried to convince her to give it a lick (even for $5), but she would have none of it. Elijah loved the park as he was free to run at full speed on the spongy ground, and Kendall was our resident photographer. After stretching our legs we loaded back in the van to head toward Crater Lake. Our California adventure is finally complete. It is one big state with so much to see and do!

Funhogs in the wild

Little feet

A lick a day...

On the run

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