California – Raw Rocks

by Funhog Family on April 10, 2012

Raw Milk ROCKS!!!

My family loves milk, cheese, cream, butter… Need I go on? But we have learned over the years that pasteurization and homogenization completely nullifies the wonderful benefits of good, wholesome, raw milk, straight from the cow(or goat if you prefer), not to mention how much harm it causes. Aren’t we always being told about allergies and lactose intolerance and whatever else that results from dairy? Well, the truth is that those things result from pasteurized dairy, not raw. We have done the research for ourselves and found the benefits are just to numerous to ignore. One thing we do on our trip to keep healthy is to find places along our route where we may be able to purchase raw milk. Since we were passing through the Fresno area we looked up the local dairy, Organic Pastures and found out they give eco-tours of their facility. We thought we would go and see the cows and maybe the area where they are milked. What we experienced was so much more. The owners, Mark & Blaine, of Organic Pastures met us at the van and led us on one of the most educational journeys we have been on as a family. They are so passionate about educating the consumer on their products. We learned so much about the benefits of raw milk and we got to see this family model excellence in everything they do. The cows were contentedly grazing, the employees were happy and treated like family, the facility was top notch and the innovation impressive. We loved our time there and are better for it. One big thing we loved was that it is a family owned and operated business. We are all about family and were blessed to see how this family helps promote health one glass of raw milk at a time.

If you are interested in learning more about raw milk, please check out Organic Pasture’s FAQ:

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