California – Big Trees & Big Chills

by Funhog Family on April 9, 2012

Tree Huggers

Brrrr…is all I could think when I looked at my watch and it read 1am. Jodi had just informed me that our tent heater had gone out. I knew it was running low on fuel, but just thought it had one more night left in it. I was wrong and the whole family felt the effects. It got down into the 20s as we all huddled together trying to find warmth anyway possible. The two little ones left their cribs and tunneled down our sleeping bags to get cozy. We made the most of it and have an experience to talk about. At 6am everyone was ready to load into the van and turn the heater on high. As the kids thawed out and Jodi looked after everyone, I took down camp and made breakfast. Our new friends, Marty, Deb, and their three kids got to hear how we froze half the night. Then they told us they had never heard of a tent heater before and they go without one every night! This is our first trip with a tent heater and in cold weather with small kids I think it is a necessity for us. Our kids loved their new friends and played many games before we drove up the road to see the largest trees in the world. It was so beautiful to drive through the giant sequoia trees with snow all around. We hiked or you might say slipped/slided along the snowpack around General Sherman, the largest tree in the grove. As a family we linked arms to encircle one sequoia and saw that we need to have another dozen in order to complete the task. It was a great time and cold fun was had by all.

Elijah & General Sherman

Funhogs & Giants

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