The Pure in Heart

by Funhog Family on November 9, 2011

Pure in Heart

We have noticed a few things in our kids of late.  One is that they are praying for God to make them obedient, and they are praying for us more.  Another is that they have been crying more, not your “I want that” or “He hit me” kind of crying (though we get plenty of that).  But the heartfelt, “I was wrong and I’m sorry” and the “that story touched my heart” kind of crying.  Can you say, “Humility is a beautiful thing!”  We are loving it!  And this is all an answer to our prayers.

Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Ministries has said that when you notice yourself crying more it indicates that you are becoming more pure in heart.  And in Matthew, Jesus states, “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  One specific prayer we had on our trip was that our kids would see God, see Him all around them and moving in our lives.  Yes, God answers prayer; so pray specifically!

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