Celebrating Marriage and Family

by Funhog Family on October 14, 2011

Stop living real easy and start living real life.” – Lamplighter Theatre (Hedge of Thorns)


When we began even the planning stages of the 50 State Challenge, we knew it was not just about a big family trip.  We love being married and we adore our kids; we wanted to somehow, in some small way, support marriage and family.  As such, we were able to interview a few ministries who have impacted our family, and we gave out a wonderful book, “Relationships”, to couples/families along the way.  But I think what we really did all along our trip, through our blog, through interviews and discussions with people, was to Celebrate! Marriage and Family.

We are an adventure family.  We do things a bit outside the norm – whether it be kayaking, rappelling or rock climbing or living simply so that we can afford this trip.  No matter what it was we did this summer we did it together.  Brian and I celebrated our marriage by working side by side, and we all celebrated our family by making amazing memories together.   We purposely chose activities that we could all do together, and we were together 24/7, every day for 3 months.  It wasn’t all easy and/or all fun, but it was all worth it.  People were flabbergasted at us doing this with 5 kids (or even just having 5 kids).  It was so awesome to be able to show how much we truly love and enjoy our family.  And as we begin planning the next part of our journey, we are looking forward to more CELEBRATING!

How do you celebrate your marriage and family?  Let us know so that we can all learn from each other.

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