South Carolina – Funhogs go to Camp

by Funhog Family on September 1, 2011

Camp - Family Style

The Funhog Family goes to camp!!! We were blessed to be offered a place to stay at the Look Up Lodge, a Christian camp located in Travelers Rest, South Carolina. We love the name of the town as we are travelers who know how to appreciate a good rest. Our cabin, Crows Nest, was on the side of a mountain overlooking a beautiful lake. The kids enjoyed climbing the several flights of stairs to it, and we liked the two bed/bath layout. The camp was gracious enough to allow us use of all the camp amenities as well. There was a super fast slide into the lake, a three person giant swing, a zip line, and a swimming area that all of us were spoiled to use. The staff was super, and it was great talking with everyone we met. Our experience here makes me think that a family style camp would be a great vacation for families who are looking for a fun way to enjoy their limited time together.

In addition to the blessing of the camp, we have been able to get raw milk, pick apples/peaches/grapes in local orchards, and have a cookout with two awesome families – one, a friend of Jodi’s from college (Jody, Mandy, & Reagan Deming) and the other, friends of hers (Kevin, Lacey, Riley, London, Mosely, Bergen, Piper, & Otto Keigley) who homeschool and make family a priority.

Swinging Sisters

At the cookout, our kids had a wonderful time playing with the other seven kids. We love seeing so many kids in one place with all the adventure and drama that goes with it. We could tell that both the Demings and Keighleys love spending time with their families. They were such a great example to watch them all interact, having a great time in the process. We got a chance to talk some about our lives, our journeys, and our families. Then the next day we got to read Lacey’s blog and she seemed to understand our heart. Read her blog here and walk through her thought process as she gets to an awesome conclusion. Our heart and one of the things we have been praying for as part of this trip is that the people we meet are moved or inspired to take a journey of discovery with their own family. All of us have amazing families, we just have to invest the time needed to discover just how amazing they are. Your journey will look completely different than ours because God made us all so unique, but it will be just as special, as we were created for relationship with 1) God, 2) our spouse, 3) our family, and 4) our friends. All it takes is that first step. Then the next is easier and the one after that. Your family is so worth it and the more you invest the more you will be blessed. As we continue our own journey we look forward to hearing all about yours!  What fun things have you been doing this summer?


Zipping Sydney

Peaches, YUM!!!

Grape Goodness


Jennifer Kay Jones September 2, 2011 at 9:53 pm

Aw you guys were so close to us… We were 30 mins away in Anderson…

Lacey September 5, 2011 at 6:39 am

We loved getting to know you guys.

1. A friend of ours actually saw your family in Trader Joe’s and was drawn to your kids’ cute little bare feet and your family’s sweet aura, saw your van, checked out your website and then read this! What a small world.

2. I took the kids to Hooker Falls last week after reading about in your blog. We’ve hiked Triple Falls but never made it down to Hooker before. It was perfect!

3. Every time Bergen sees a picture of your family he tells me, “I really had fun with that little guy in the green and blue striped shirt. He was a fun little guy.”

Angela September 12, 2011 at 10:25 pm

I passed your van in Greenville and looked up your site…What an awesome adventure! Really inspiring 🙂

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