North Carolina – Land of Waterfalls

by Funhog Family on August 30, 2011

Looking Glass Falls

When checking into our campgrounds, we were told that this area in North Carolina has over 250 waterfalls in it. We were given a map with dozens of waterfalls with their pictures on it and also written directions in case we were not able to follow the map. I was excited as I always get excited about water and especially waterfalls. We decided to go to Slide Rock Falls the next day to try out the 60ft natural waterfall/slide.
On the way to Slide Rock we stopped by Looking Glass Falls, one of the most photographed waterfall in the U.S. It was a beautiful 70ft waterfall with a perfect launching pad for kayaking. A kayaker ran it many years ago at low water and broke his back in the attempt. Since then countless others have been successful with it during flood stage runs. Slide Rock Falls was the perfect natural water slide, and we all loved it. There was a guard rail that helped you walk the slick rock slab to the top. Once at the top you walk out to the middle of the slab and launch yourself down the rock. You gain enough speed hurtling toward the bottom that you are rewarded with a full submersion in the frosty pool below. It was quite breathless fun for as long as you could stand the cold. It was really nice that our campground was only about 20min from the slide, so we were able to take naps in the afternoon.

Slide Rock Falls

After naps we loaded up to go swim at another waterfall. This one was called Hooker Falls, a 13ft waterfall that plunged into a lake. There was a large swimming area below the falls that we all played in. The waterfall also had a rock ledge that went underneath it, so several of us took turns climbing behind the waterfall only to slide through it into the lake below. It was a great day filled with wonderful family waterfall fun.

Hooker Falls

Magic Moments

Funhog Mamma

Ready for Action


Mary O'Keefe August 31, 2011 at 6:33 am

Hi Funhog Family!

Looks like you’re having a blast! We just watched your slide rock video and it looked like so much fun. The kids are all so brave–Elijah is becoming such a brave young man! I loved Chloe’s comment about “It’s more fun to do the waterfall than it is to see it.” The O’Keefe’s all say hello. We started school this week, so we’re “sliding” into our school year! See ya, and keep having fun–but don’t hog it all, we want some too! Love, The O’Keefes

Funhog Family September 1, 2011 at 4:56 am

It is so fun to hear from the O’Keefes!!! We thought of your family when we were at slide rock, knowing how much fun we could all have together. 🙂
Best wishes with the new school year and we look forward to the next time our paths cross.

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