Delaware – A Treasure, An Earthquake, and the Enemy

by Funhog Family on August 27, 2011

Treasure Hunting

Have you ever wanted to go treasure hunting? We have read enough stories with the kids that we all thought hunting for treasure would be a grand adventure. Well the opportunity presented itself in Brandy Wine State Park as we were looking for an adventure to share. We were in the mood for more than just a hike, so one of the kids suggested we hunt for treasure. Jodi thought it was a great idea and immediately suggested we try geocaching. Geocaching is where participants use a GPS (Global Positioning System) to hid and seek containers located all over the world. We do not have a GPS, but we thought our computer could at least get us in the right vicinity so we could search for a known cache site. We found one in the park and the search began. The clues given were a little vague, so the search took a little longer than the kid’s attention span. In the end though, we were successful. It was pretty comical as the kids were expecting buried treasure and not the little key chain we found with the pass-code, “CANOE” on it to log your find online. Kendall just could not understand why they would call what we found treasure, so she was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. We decided to give it another try later on (when we can borrow someones GPS).
After our geocaching adventure we started our drive to the Delaware seashore. At one of the toll booths along the way the attendant was visibly upset and wanted to know if we had felt it. It took us a minute or two to understand that we had just gone through an earthquake. We had not felt it while traveling in the car, but we were told by several others that day that they had all experienced it.

A Delaware Morning

The seashore was beautiful and we got to welcome the sun the next morning. We also got to meet a very nasty enemy. We were attacked by the most vicious of insects while we got ready for breakfast in camp. Our enemy was basically invisible until smashed and then a little spot of blood would appear where you were bitten. I think they are called sand gnats, but as we never really saw them I can not be sure. All we do know is that there were thousands of them, so they could completely cover your body quickly. It had been windy the previous day so we only got the pleasure of their company the morning we left. I joked with Jodi that we should write a book on the various blood sucking insects one could enjoy on a trip likes ours.

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