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by Funhog Family on August 23, 2011

With a mother as a librarian, you would think I would have grown up with a love for literature and great stories. Unfortunately, I lacked the character needed to enjoy reading. I was a good reader, but I had a low comprehension and a high level of fear that others would discover how little I understood. It was not until I was an adult that I became intentional about building my character. As my character grew, my love for learning soared and my passion for great literature and amazing stories now has no bounds. Thus our quest to develop character in our children, with the goal of laying a foundational love for a lifetime of learning.
Lamplighter Ministries was our answer to prayer as we sought resources that would allow us to build character in our children. From the very first story we have been humbled, as each story builds not only our children’s character, but our own as well. We have learned that “character development produces hope and hope never disappoints. Character births a living hope that translates into a passionate perseverance to overcome obstacles.” – Mark Hamby

When we read a Lamplighter book or listen to one of Mark’s Life Transformational Seminars or listen to a Lamplighter Theatre audio drama, one of us is usually crying.  God has used every Lamplighter material we have to renew our minds and hearts. There is so much meat in the messages that it takes multiple exposures to grasp it all.  We discussed this with Mark Hamby yesterday when we met him in person and thanked him heartily for all Lamplighter is doing.   He smiled with the knowledge that they go to great lengths to pack their content full of biblical wisdom.

Also, we have found a personal touch with Lamplighter that we have never seen else where. Through Lamplighter’s Heritage Partnership, when you donate to the ministry, you get to discuss with Lamplighter’s President, Mark Hamby, the spiritual needs of your family and which Lamplighter resources will best address a loved one’s needs and interests. It was such an honor to speak with Mark about our kids, and he selected several resources to help me deal with the real-time issues we were experiencing. Who takes the time to make that type of connection anymore? As we were touring the Lamplighter office we got to see this same personal touch, as Mark knew everyone in the building by name and everyone had a genuine interest in each others lives.  He even took the time to share a story with our kids.

Everything Lamplighter is doing is remarkable because Christ is leading the way, making the difference. Our family has been incredibly blessed by this ministry, and my wife says she is Lamplighter’s biggest fan, as she tells everyone about the stories she’s read. Listen to this audio. If you do nothing else with our blog, if you pay attention to no other information we share, you absolutely must listen to this. God is getting good mileage out of Mark Hamby and Lamplighter Ministries!! We are a family who is forever grateful.  We pray that you will be blessed as well.

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Susan August 23, 2011 at 6:52 pm

It’s was great having you stop by yesterday. Blessings on your journey!!

Funhog Family August 24, 2011 at 4:45 am

Hi Susan, We were so blessed through our visit with all of you. Thank you for the part you play in making Lamplighter a ministry used by the Lord.

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