Connecticut – Finishing Well

by Funhog Family on August 20, 2011

Finishing Well

Have you ever had one of those moments where you realize that you are married to God’s perfect gift for you? Someone amazing and special, a treasure to cherish? Well I got the opportunity to have one of those moments today. We are in Connecticut, camping in our friend Bruce’s yard in New Hartford. A long time kayaker buddy of mine, Jim, learned how to kayak on the Farmington River which flows through town. So, our Connecticut adventure is this beautiful stream that, with the low flows, is an idilic float through a picturesque New England landscape.
Kendall and Chloe were in their own kayaks, Jodi and Tirzah were on the sit-on-top, and I was in our tandem with Elijah and Sydney. We were having a great time and things really got exciting when we came to our first rapid (class 1.5). Half way down the rapid Chloe broached (for all you non-kayakers, she got stuck) on a rock, and I was helping her off. Kendall then did the same thing but was too far upstream for me to help. Jodi needed to focus on Tirzah, so Kendall was left to fend for herself until I could get Chloe’s and my boat to shore. The water was ankle deep, so there was no real danger. I had scouted the rapid before hand and was comfortable with it for our family. What I did not take into account, though, was the perceived risk that Kendall would be dealing with. She was basically terrified and her pleas for help touched a place deep inside of Jodi. So, I not only had Kendall truly scared, but so was her momma. Jodi is not really an empathic person, but I’m learning that a mother’s heart is so closely woven with that of her kids that she can feel what they feel in a way I am not able to understand. As quickly as I could, I walked back upstream and helped Kendall get her boat off the top of the rock it was sitting on. Then I walked her in her boat down to where everyone else was waiting. I got everyone back in the water, but by the time I got in my boat I saw Kendall’s boat floating down the river and Jodi paddling Kendall to shore. As I quickly paddled downstream to take Kendall’s boat to shore, I was mentally finished with the trip. Jodi paddled to me with Kendall and Tirzah on her boat, and I start explaining that we are right beside the road and can take out before the bridge(our planned takeout). Jodi looks at all of us and says loudly that we should persevere. It was a moment for our family, as the kids were infected with her resolve to finish what we had started. We had a few more moments, but we finished as a family. And all recalled the day with smiles, saying how they would like to do it again soon. I think sometimes I just want to give up because things start getting tough, but fortunately, I have an amazing wife who helped our family endure the pain to finish well.


Ready, Set, Go

Two For One

Chloe Power


Cheryl August 21, 2011 at 1:18 am

Hey, I recognize that river! I got stuck on my share of rocks. Brian, you’re not going to believe this but in dead calm water I not only flipped, but SWAM! How is that possible in 6 inches of water? Boat filled with water ??? And I needed help dumping it out! As my daughter says “epic fail”. You guys would have laughed yourselves silly (as Jim did). Have fun on the rest of your trip-Cheryl

Funhog Family September 1, 2011 at 5:01 am

Hi Cheryl, I love it!!! We all laughed when we read your comment. I can just see Taylor saying, “epic fail mom”!

ken August 21, 2011 at 11:48 am

You could go over to New London Connecticut and see the submarines at Groton Naval Base. I was there for almost a year. My submarine has been decommissioned and parted out. Its control room is in Washington State, and is set up for tours. When you go there you might want to see it.

I’m enjoying your adventure, see you soon.

Funhog Family September 1, 2011 at 5:00 am

Hi Ken, We saw a sign for the submarine museum and almost stopped. Now I wish we had. Maybe you can help us when we are planning the western half of our trip!

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