Rhode Island – All Aboard

by Funhog Family on August 19, 2011

Family Sailing

Rhode Island has been a milestone state for us, as it is our half way point – state # 25. To celebrate we decided that our adventure would be a day sailing in the Newport harbor. It was a beautiful day with the sea breeze kicking up to around 7 knots. Our boat of choice was a pure sailboat (no motor) that would comfortably hold our family and the captain. Not only was it a good, affordable option, it also turned out to be an awesome experience that left us wanting more. We left the dock and weaved in and out of the multimillion dollar boats anchored in the harbor. Once out in open water, Captain Mike allowed me to sail the boat and the kiddos kicked back to enjoy the trip, laying back in the sun and dipping their fingers in the water. It was also pretty cool to them when a stiff breeze would make the boat pick up speed and heel over as we raced through the water. Captain Mike did a great job giving us a refresher on our sailing skills, a well as describing numerous points of interest in the harbor. We all decided that we want to sail more in the future.

Time with the LaRochelle Family

We have had the opportunity to make some new friends on this trip, and the night before our sailing adventure, we camped at Fort Geddy near Jamestown, RI, next to a family of 6 and their dog. The kids made fast friends, playing sharks and minnows and hide-n-go-seek, and we adults had a nice time getting to know one another as well. The older girls, Anna and Tatum, made some bracelets for our kids and showed Kendall and Chloe how to make them for themselves. Tirzah again loved the big dog, drool and all! All in all we had a momentous couple of days in the smallest state of our great nation.


Precious Moments

Captain Kendall

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