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by Funhog Family on June 4, 2011

I grew up on allergy shots and sickness.  I stayed home from school with strep throat, ear infections, pneumonia, or bronchitis so often that the school assigned a teacher to come to my house to keep me going on my lessons so I did not fall too far behind my class.  I still played hard, but when I wasn’t playing, I was usually sick.  We had drugs for every kind of ailment you can think of, and I took them religiously.

It wasn’t until I moved to Phoenix and met Dr. Dan and Dr. Kelly Levin that I discovered the lifestyle I thought was normal was actually way off base.  To become a patient of My Family Chiropractor, I was required to attend an informational class led by Dr. Dan called “1/2 hour to health”.  As Dr. Dan spoke about health, wellness, chiropractic, drugs, and vaccinations, I was amazed at how unhealthy my lifestyle seemed with this new information.  Even better, Drs. Dan & Kelly gave us resources so we could do our own research to make an informed decision about our health.

Fast forward thirteen years, I am still a patient (along with the rest of my family) at My Family Chiropractor.  After learning all about health and wellness from Dr. Dan and Dr. Kelly, we started doing our own research which backed up everything they taught us.  We started making informed decisions about our health based on that research, and today I no longer have any of the sickness issues I struggled with as a kid.  Our paradigm shifted from a medical, “get sick, go to doctor” mindset to a “maintaining wellness” mindset.

Dr. Kelly has also blessed us by attending each of our children’s home births and giving them their first chiropractic adjustment within minutes of being born.  The Levin family has had a profound impact on our family and our health, and we are so very thankful.  Dr. Dan and Dr. Kelly, our life is more because you are a part of it.

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