Our Faithful God – George Muller Testimony

by Funhog Family on October 17, 2015

George Muller

A Muller Home

Today finds us in Bristol, England. We came to Bristol for one purpose, to visit the George Muller Museum. George Muller is a hero of the faith for our family. He loved the Lord and dedicated his life to showing how the Lord is faithful in the area of prayer. What I love about George Muller is that he started out in life as a liar and thief. By the age of ten he was a first rate thief, stealing money from his tax collecting father. He was a womanizing bachelor living a lifestyle of self-destruction that eventually he got him put in prison for not paying his bills (his father chose to bail him out). Why would I like a man that starts off life on the wrong path like George Muller? I love that it shows that with God all things are possible and none of us are too far gone to be used to the glory of God. If God can use George Muller, then God can use even me (and that means you too)!

Muller's Desk

The Original Orphan Girl Outfit

Per his father’s direction he went into seminary, not because he loved the Lord, but instead because it would mean a good salary. While in seminary he was invited to a bible study and in that bible study one man was asked to pray. This man loved Jesus and to honor him he turned away from the group, got down on his face in humility before the Lord and prayed with heart. George Muller was so astounded from the way that this one man prayed that it changed his course and his life. We may not be the next George Muller, but we can be that one man or woman that loves the Lord so much that it changes the hearts of all who are around us. We will never know our kingdom impact and what one prayer may mean to others. After George Muller’s encounter with God, he finished school and became a pastor in Bristol. He made radical changes in the church policy by not charging patrons for seats and choosing to live solely on support raised only through prayer. During this time period in England, the children of Bristol started working around four years old in the workhouses and countless were homeless. George Muller felt like the Lord was calling him to start orphanages for the homeless children. In his life he took care of over ten thousand orphans and raised over 1.5 million pounds, all through prayer. He never shared his needs, only praying to the Lord and then the need was met miraculously. There are lots of stories of this praying life in action. One was where he and two thousand five hundred orphans sat down to eat and gave thanks over their bare table. Just then the bakery showed up saying the Lord told me to bake this bread for you, then the milk truck broke down outside the orphanage giving them all the milk. God is always faithful and George Muller allowed God to show up again and again and again and again…

Steep Street

Bristol, England

As a family we want to be a whole family of George Mullers! Lord Jesus allow us to be used like him and give us all the faith of a little child. On our way to the museum Chloe and I got lost, so we prayed for God’s help. At that moment Thomas showed up and walked us all the way to the Muller Museum. Thomas was not a believer, but I told him that he was God’s instrument and miracle to help us. It was so wonderful visiting the museum and hearing first hand about George Muller’s life. If you are ever in Bristol, be sure to visit the Muller Museum and learn more about how faithful our Lord was and is and is to come!

Muller's Bible

Pray with every child!

Chloe’s Take:
Today we got to Mr. Muller’s Museum. On our way there we were confused. There was a man walking with a paper-ish role in his arm. Daddy showed him a map and asked him where we were and he said we had gone to far. The man walked with us and showed us the way to the Muller Museum. The man said his name was Mr. Thomas. He needs prayer because he wasn’t a Christian and did not really like when daddy talked that he had been used by God. We got to the museum right on time (God’s miracle). There was a really nice lady there who told us all about Mr. George Muller. It was really cool to see all about his prayer life. It was so cool!!! All the kids had work and play. The girls were able to embroider so beautifully (Daddy said they have lots of practice). Then we started our walk home. We walked to a bus stop because it was a long way back from what we had walked before. The bus driver said this was not the correct bus (it was but he wanted us to take a shorter one). So, we walked across the street to another bus stop to take the quick bus. There was a lady waiting with us. We waited a long time in the cold, because the bus did not come on time (20mins late). Then we finally remembered to pray for the bus to come. It came right as we finished praying. The lady went on the bus and then we got on, but the bus driver would not take a 20 pound note (cash) because he did not have change (to change it out). So, God had us walk home. We got home and got to iChat with our family! Then after a lot of deciding we went to bed.


Amy October 18, 2015 at 9:34 am

You guys are so amazing! I love to see how you live your faith!


Funhog Family October 18, 2015 at 1:31 pm

Thanks Sis. Muller is so inspiring, may we all have the faith to live out loud like he did.

Aimee Murphy October 20, 2015 at 11:15 am

So excited to hear about your time at the Mueller museum. His book “Man of Faith and Miracles” helped shape my faith. God is a very BIG God who loves so incredibly…. Blessings on the remainder of your trip!!!!

Funhog Family October 20, 2015 at 1:56 pm

We love Muller and will have to read the book you reference, “Man of Faith and Miracles”. Thanks!

Christine Cason October 23, 2015 at 11:56 pm

Hi Chloe and Daddy

I’ve been inspired by your George Muller clip, I wasn’t aware of him and his Amazing story….

Also a reminder to pray about all things. I’m praying for you both, take care

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