Alaska:Seward Hwy – Cloudy with a chance of moose

by Funhog Family on October 4, 2012

This morning began a bit early for 2 of us! Elijah awoke at 3am after being kicked by Chloe; so, I figured if I took him potty, he wouldn’t need to later (he always goes at least once a night). Well, that backfired on me because he threw a fit and did not go back to sleep at all. Everyone else woke by 530a and our day began…

Learning to fly

Levi, a very kind gentleman we met the day before at breakfast made us some plaques with each of our names in an acrostic, an adjective describing us for each letter of our names. He brought them to us that morning before we left to begin our drive to Seward. The kids appreciated the gift and look forward to putting them on their wall at home.
Most of our day was then spent on the very scenic drive to Seward. We took our time and stopped at various pullouts along the way, getting pictures of the beautiful mountains across the inlet. The girls tried their hand at flying during one stop, as the wind was blowing so hard they could barely walk without being blown over.

Portage Glacier

Tirzah and Hosanna were asleep by the time we got to the Byron Trail for Portage Glacier. So, I rested in the car with them while Jodi and the “big” kids hiked the .8 mile trail to the glacier. The clouds were low and showered down a mist during their hike, but the temperature wasn’t too cool. So, the hike was very enjoyable, especially since no one else was on the hike, and there’s a creek alongside the trail most of the way. We are still loving being the only ones in Alaska besides the locals! The glacier was breathtaking, the ice blue color truly magnificent. You’re never really sure those pictures you see of glaciers are real because of the color of the ice, but we can now testify that the beautiful blue color is really real. Tirzah, Hosanna, and I met them on their way back, and we got back in the car heading to Seward. Pretty uneventful after that, some road construction (repairing the road after flooding from the last couple of weeks), checking in to our hotel, getting dinner, and going to bed early. Our hotel staff at the Holiday Inn Express were awesome as they told us the hotel just does not seem the same without kids. They even hooked us up with the largest room in the hotel and had a crib already set up in our room. Seward is a very small, quaint sort of town, and our hotel is right on the harbor. Now we must decide what tomorrow holds…

Three is company



Sandra Dorris October 11, 2012 at 8:31 am

I **LOVE** how your daughter’s eyes literally light up when she sees that there is a cave in the glacier!!

Funhog Family October 15, 2012 at 7:57 pm

We had to hold her back from going ice caving!!! Next time….

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