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by Funhog Family on April 30, 2012

Lower Mesa - Too High

Upper Mesa Fun

Upper and Lower Mesa Falls were high on our list of things to do in Idaho. They are located a little southwest of Yellowstone. Lower Mesa is one of those waterfalls on my kayaking to-do list, however, looking at the falls from the overlook it was obvious the water was too high for a solo descent, so we will be back someday. Traveling south we were looking for a place to eat lunch, dry out wet gear, and let the two youngest nap. We found everything we were looking for at Hell’s Half Mile Rest Area. There were nice trails through the lava fields to explore, a large hill to run up and roll down, and a peaceful place for lunch and naps. We met an awesome family there as well. Ryan and Dianna gave us lots of beta on the best spots to go rock climbing and were super nice. Their two boys, Indiana and Sawyer, were creating adventure by throwing a bouncy ball into the lava fields and then rushing after it (this is within minutes of seeing a three foot snake where they were throwing the ball).
Our route did not line up very well with the rock climbing areas, so we had to miss out on them, but we did find some unique places to fill our time instead. In Soda Springs we watched the world’s only man made geyser. Back in 1937 someone was drilling a 317 foot well and hit a thermal pocket creating the geyser. They decided to put the geyser on a timer, so you get a truly “Faithful” one hundred foot geyser that erupts on the hour (while the town’s bell rings). It was in this area that we also got a chance to visit Jodi’s cousin, Neda and her kids, Courtland, Gaston, and Raylee. They took us to see a section of canyon with a class IV whitewater river close to their house and also a very cool ice cave which was once used to store the potato harvests. We ended our visit with them by enjoying some moose burgers. What made the burgers extra special were they were from a bull moose that Neda killed and hangs in the family living room. The moose meat taste so yummy that to honor it they have nicknamed the moose head “Delicious”!

Hell's Half Mile

Elijah working hard

Soda Springs Geyser


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Leon Tuten April 30, 2012 at 11:08 am

Awesome to watch the things you guys find to do…..educational for us—never heard of these places/attractions…..Moose burger looked yummy, too! Enjoyed the tent fun video earlier as well. God bless you. Love you. Mom and Dad

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