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by Funhog Family on April 21, 2012

We have always told the kids that bad weather does not exist, only poor clothing choices. With the proper gear and clothing you can have fun in any type of weather. While we still agree with and live out those statements we knew we would not be able to pack for all weather possibilities for our trip. Rain is something we knew we would encounter but were not prepared to adventure in. We had planned to do a number of hikes around the Seattle area, but each time we tried to go for a hike the rain was falling. So, we did the next best thing and drove around looking at all the beautiful places we would have hiked if the weather was better.
Leaving Seattle rain, we drove through the snow at Snoqualmie Pass into the high desert stopping for the night in Vantage along the Columbia River Gorge.

True Love

Answered Prayer

Here Elijah’s prayers were answered. Elijah LOVES big machinery, and we spend a lot of time watching construction sites to bless him. After we set up camp we all sat and watched a large back hoe dig a trench for planting raspberries. Just as I was taking Elijah into the tent for the night, the back hoe drove over to our campsite and Bryan (the driver) asked if Elijah and I would like to take a ride. Elijah was on cloud nine as we drove around and talked with Bryan about the campgrounds. We told Bryan that Elijah has been praying to ride on some big machinery, so he was an answer to prayer. Thank you, Lord, for caring about the little things.

Daddy's helper

Washington Green

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