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by Funhog Family on January 3, 2012

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Nathan & Jane Phillips

The couple we are about to introduce you to is top on our list of people we love, seek out for wisdom and encouragement, and want to be like when we grow up! We know no others that bring a peace to our hearts, a smile to our faces, or a joy to our souls like Nathan and Jane Phillips. We can’t think of any other people who have blessed or taught us more, and we always (I can say that with absolute truth) feel like better people and desire to grow in intimacy with our Savior more after having spent time with them. No, they are not perfect, but we see Christ in them and we hear His voice when they speak.

A brief introduction: Nathan & Jane are family & marriage counselors whose hearts for people reflect the heart of God Himself. It has been said of them that they are willing to work harder and go deeper toward reconciliation and healing than those they counsel. Together with a small group of counselors, they are Battlefield Ministries, Inc.
I met them in college, as we attended the same church, and with 5 or 6 of my friends, I began going to Jane’s house once a week for a woman’s Bible study. For 2 years, we met with Jane, learning from her what it was to sit in God’s presence and bask in who He is. We did not do a specific study or have workbooks with homework assignments; we just came every week expecting to be in God’s presence. Jane called us her “Pearls,” as one of the first verses she shared with us was concerning protecting your heart by “not casting your pearls to swine.” I doubt I could even begin to explain what a precious time that was for me. Jane and I had a special bond from the beginning, and she had a tongue that healed my heart in ways I cannot explain. Needless to say, when Brian and I talked of marriage toward the end of my senior year, I told him that we had to do pre-marital counseling with my friends. He was living in Phoenix at the time and had not met them; so, he was a little apprehensive. But our first meeting with them dispelled all concerns, as Brian found he had much in common with Nathan and felt a true friendship with him as I did with Jane. Brian now cherishes just living life with Nathan, adventuring together, and bringing an adventure component to some of Battlefield’s Trips to Enrich.

Nathan during a "You are that man" trip to enrich

Our marriage has been so incredibly blessed through the pre-marital counseling we did with them that we both feel Nathan & Jane saved our marriage before it ever got in trouble. We have since attended a few marriage retreats with them as well, and we come away with so much each time. They have a true heart for the people they minister to, and God has equipped them in such a way that they are able to go deep in the trenches with you and help to restore and heal what may have been broken for years.

As we celebrate marriage on our 50 state challenge trip, we have been honored to join Battlefield Ministries in their fight for families by giving away their new book, Relationships, 33 tools to help you navigate them well.  For more information about Nathan & Jane Phillips and the ministry they founded, go to

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Diane Tuten January 6, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Appreciate the awesome ministry! The song was an awesome ministry experience, too! Thanks. Diane

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