Alabama – Waterfalls, a Battleship, and a Submarine

by Funhog Family on September 18, 2011

DeSoto Falls

We got the rare privilege to visit both a northern and southern section of Alabama on this trip. When we left Berry College, we decided to drive an hour over into Alabama to visit two beautiful waterfalls, DeSoto Falls and Little River Falls. This was my first time going to DeSoto Falls, and it took my breath away with it beauty. Desoto Falls is a 100ft waterfall into a punch bowl type lagoon that reminded me of Hawaii. I found the most amazing place there to do a 200ft rappel into the water. Unfortunately, we did not have enough time for me to set it up, and I wasn’t sure how we would get back up. It is definitely on my to do list for the next time I am in the area, though. Little River Falls was also very pretty. The kids were eager to jump off this 33ft waterfall after they heard that Jodi and I did it in college. Little River Canyon has become of a part of the national park service since we were in college so they are starting to prohibit fun activities like waterfall jumping.

USS Alabama Battleship

Our southern section of Alabama came as we were leaving Florida on our way to Mobile, Alabama. We had heard of the USS Alabama Battleship Park, so we wanted to go check it out. It was so much better than we imagined. There were several planes, tanks, and other types of military equipment on the grounds that you could go see. The main attractions were the USS Alabama battleship and the USS Drum submarine which we were allowed access to explore. Both were self guided tours, which we love. The kids got to touch everything to their hearts content. It was so cool being in the submarine and getting a better understanding of what it would have been like living on one. We had so much fun that I am sure we will be on the lookout for other such exhibits to enjoy.

Little River Canyon Falls

Ringing the bell



Bunk Beds - Navy Style

Ready, Aim, Fire

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