Missouri … Loves Company

by Funhog Family on July 27, 2011

The Big Arch

In college I was a Resident Assistant, and one year we were all assigned a different state for some reason I can’t remember. My friend Beth Lackey was Missouri, and as a joke we called her misery. Later in college, my friend Barbi and I took a summer trip and traveled across Missouri on our way to South Dakota. Again we dubbed it misery due to the huge traffic jam we got stuck in. Coming to Missouri at this time of year put us in some very hot, humid weather, and I joked with Brian about calling Missouri misery once more. But as we talked with campers nearby, took a dip in the river, and then toured Onondaga Cave, we found that, just as anywhere else, you can bear the heat by finding things to occupy your mind and body. (We live in Phoenix, AZ and know a lot about summer heat!) We found the cave tour especially fun as we saw many formations, and I believe we all liked the “Lily pad” section of the cave the most. It had a unique beauty we have seen in no other cave. A trip to Missouri would not be complete without going to St Louis, and we had two very good reasons to go through the city. One of our favorite grocery stores – Trader Joe’s – has some stores there, and we needed to stock up!

Trader Joes with April

And a dear friend of mine from college lives there now with her husband and daughter. Her little girl, Chloe, was sick(we wish we could have met her.) So, Dan stayed home to watch her, and April was able to come share in some of our family fun. She shopped with us at Trader Joe’s and took us to the famous St Louis Gateway Arch! Kendall and I rode with April to the Arch, catching up on the past few years. Elijah liked her sweet voice and kind smile and gave her many of his own broad smiles! We did not go up in the Arch, as there was a long line, but we explored the area underground. The most interesting thing was an actual “elevator” car that is taken to the top of the Arch. It is very small and round so that it can be maneuvered to the top without turning you on your side as you go up – quite an amazing thing to see. Next time we go through St Louis, I hope we can go up to the top. The children need to be a bit older, as waiting in line requires a little more patience – one of the many character traits we are all praying for on this trip!

Onondaga Cave

Cave Time

St. Louis Arch

Rain Again


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april July 27, 2011 at 5:26 pm

So thankful you stopped and spent time with me. It was such a joy to see you and your family. Wish you had gotten to meet mine. I love your kids. Such little sweeties. Blessings on the rest of your adventures.

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