North Dakota – Rain, Frogs & Funhogs (Part 2)

by Funhog Family on July 15, 2011

Sleeping Soundly

I had an adventure today that I would just as soon never have again. When we got to the park in Fargo, Brian took the kids to play at the playground while I put Tirzah down for a nap and take one myself. After about 30 minutes, Tirzah was still crying so I nursed her and put her back down. She finally went to sleep after another 20 or 30 minutes, and then I did as well. But I was soon awakened by a lady who had been playing with her daughter on the playground close by. She was a bit upset and told me that I needed to take the blanket off the portable crib Tirzah was in because it was too hot for her. I told her that it was cool in the shade, the breeze was blowing, and Tirzah only had on a onesie. She insisted that it was too hot and that if I didn’t take it off she would call the police. She said that Tirzah had been crying for an hour. Now, by the grace of God, I could see that this lady was very concerned for my sweet baby, and I got up, asking her if I could give her a hug. She actually let me! I proceeded to try to explain that I have 5 children, Tirzah being the youngest, and though I did not know what she was feeling, I could empathize with a mother’s heart which does not wish to see her children suffer. Somehow, I was able to calm her and she left with a smile. Now for all you mothers out there who read my post a week or so ago about the baby crying for almost 3 hours – I do not like to hear my children cry. I doubt there is a single mother who could ever enjoy such a thing. But because I know my children, I know that when they are overly tired they fight sleep. (Tirzah has been my biggest trial in this respect, as she can cry longer than any of my other children ever have and her cry sounds like she’s being pinched or worse, yet she is such a joy, as she usually doesn’t cry for anything else.) I have read about sleep habits and have seen great success with each of my children regarding their sleep. As babies, each has slept for 12 hrs at night and taken good naps during the day. I care very much for my children and doing what is best for them. And I have found that sometimes in order to do what is best for them, I must let them work out their struggles (not only with sleep) on their own. One way to know that your babies are getting plenty of sleep is if they wake up content or grumpy. Grumpy: need more sleep; Content: get me up!!

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