Let’s be real

by Funhog Family on June 20, 2011

Join me as we listen to the heart of a mother. Jodi explains her heart to me as she struggles with some of the life issues we are dealing with as we prepare for the 50 state challenge. This is real and uncut as it captures a part of our story in this moment.

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Sandra Dorris June 20, 2011 at 8:25 pm

OK, first let me just say that was absolutely PRECIOUS:) I love the part about needing more Daddy time!! And as a mom, the busyness sometimes gets in the way of seeing what needs to be done and in what order.
Second, if you need help with the organizational part, let me know. It is sort of my thing;) Although, don’t look at my desk right now because I believe a bomb may have gone off while I was toting children to and from VBS today.
Third, you know that Rob and I will be praying for your family while you are on this AMAZING adventure.

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