Arizona – The Last Hurrah

by Funhog Family on September 25, 2011

All Wet

As we began our last leg home, Jodi and I started discussing how we might be able to end this stage of our trip on a high note. One of the things the kids have loved the most is all of the swimming we have been able to do. So, we decided to stay two nights at one of the Phoenix hotels that had a water park. The hotel was really nice and gave us a great rate to enjoy our last hurrah before reentering life off the road. Dear friends of ours met us at the hotel the first night to welcome us home. The kids really enjoyed the reunion with their friends. They wanted to go climbing the next day, so off we went to Camelback mountain for an early morning climb. They were all amazing as they rappelled down the rock face only to climb back up again. Elijah even decided he wanted to do it bare foot, and he scampered up and down the rock with the best of them. When we could no longer stand the heat, we loaded back into the van to play at the water park. It was a nice relaxing way to cap this stage of our journey. As we made our way home the kids were so excited. “I like being here.” Sydney stated simply. Chloe rejoiced, “We are home Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I love being home again.” I loved their thankful hearts as they were so happy to have clothes to play with.

Tag Team

One of the ways we passed our time this summer in the car was to read books and listen to incredible audio books, awesome literature from Ben-Hur to Little Women, as well as amazing character building audio dramas from Lamplighter Theatre, and biographies from Corrie Ten-Boom’s Hiding Place to the story of John Newton who wrote the hymn Amazing Grace. One such book was Basil, given to us by Mark Hamby of Lamplighter Ministries. This book showed the value of hard work and honesty. And after reading it, Chloe informed Jodi that she needed to teach her how to cook and clean and manage the house so that she would not be idle and lazy. As we began settling in at home, we were tempted to sit and relax before unloading the van, but Jodi thought of Chloe’s resolution and got us all moving. As a result, the van is unloaded, 4 loads of laundry done, the mesquite tree trimmed, the chicken coop taken down, the mail sorted, and most everything is in its place as we lay our heads down tonight. It feels good to be home and even better to have things put away. What an incredible journey we have taken! What amazing things we have learned! Oh Lord that you would help us to live out what we have learned – compassion, gentleness, patience, industry, and most of all love.

Hooked on you

Between water time

Climb On



Pavan September 26, 2011 at 8:47 am

Brian, welcome back. I enjoyed following your family’s journey! Makes me want to plan something like that of my own. Congratulations.

Sheri September 26, 2011 at 6:37 pm

Welcome home FUNHOGS!!!

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