Down in the Valley – England, Kendal

October 13, 2015

One of the things that is stretching Chloe the most about this trip is all the decisions that have to be made. Each night as we come back to our home away from home (so far a new place every night) we have to decide what the new day will hold and how the Lord […]

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God in Motion – Scotland, Highlands

October 11, 2015

Life with Chloe is a life lived in prayer. She is so wonderful at taking everything and I mean everything to the Lord in prayer. It brings a whole new meaning to pray without ceasing. I learn a lot from my little girl! Yesterday as we got on the bus to the Wallace Monument, our […]

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Wally World – Scotland, Glasgow/Stirling

October 10, 2015

After a very long five hour flight from Halifax to Glasgow we arrived in Scotland as the sun was rising. In order to enter the country we needed to go through customs. This is usually a non-event, but our trip is not a usual one. The customs agent asked who we knew in the country […]

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Cleone – Lady of the Clean Heart

October 9, 2015

Our dear Chloe Anne turned ten this year, so of course that means it is time for an adventure! If you do not know what our ten year old adventure is all about, then check out this link: Ten Year Old Adventure. Last year Chloe asked to be knighted a warrior of the King, which […]

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Loving Well

May 30, 2015

How do you give and receive love? Do you love well? Lately, I am learning I have so much more to learn about love. What does love look like? I used to think love was all about how others helped me to “feel.” My definition of love reflected the fact that I was the center […]

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Jerusalem, Israel – The Long Way Home

April 19, 2014

When setting up this trip we really did not understand what it meant to be in Israel during Passover. Our original plan was to spend the day at Mini Israel, which is a thirteen acre exhibit that includes all of Israel in miniature form. We found out it was closed for Passover. The entire country […]

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Jerusalem, Israel – Jesus in Disguise

April 15, 2014

Kendall nailed it with her last post on Jerusalem. We both had an expectation that being in Jerusalem would draw us closer to the Lord as we walked where he walked and visited places he would have visited. God usually speaks to me with a still small voice, one that I can hear much more […]

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Hebron/Bethlehem, Israel – A Land in Conflict

April 14, 2014

Today was our day in Palestine (West Bank), as we toured Hebron and Bethlehem. When Kendall decided Israel and wanted to do some sights in the Palestinian territory I decided we would hire a local guide and I am glad I did. Our guide, Sam Salem (, picked us up at our hotel and then […]

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Jerusalem, Israel – Taking the Plunge

April 13, 2014

Kendall and I got up this morning and got to enjoy a full on banquet breakfast. We have stayed at apartments mostly, so this was our first real hotel experience in Israel. I got a deal online, so we are in a business class hotel, and it is very nice. After breakfast we made our […]

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Masada/En Gedi/Dead Sea, Israel – Highs and Lows

April 11, 2014

                We got up with the birds this morning (literally) and left Camel Land by 6:30a. Our goal was to be the first on the cable car up to Masada. Masada is famous for being the place of the Jewish rebels last stand against the Romans. A small […]

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