Wash/Rinse/Repeat – Socca Fun, Solvenia

by Funhog Family on September 9, 2019

Let’s go boating!
Super fun!
Daddy paddling the “Snail”

Wash/Rinse/Repeat.  Seems like we have gotten into a cycle on this trip of me doing something with Elijah, then allowing him to show me how to do it, and finally him leading me through it.  We woke up in Italy with the rain clouds gathering.  We knew that it would be raining heavy for the next three days, so all the canyons would be out of the question for us.  I asked Elijah what he would like to do.  His answer was to go kayaking, but in different boats this time.  We drove back to Bovec and rented some kayaks.  Then Elijah lead me down the Socca.  There were two solid class II rapids that we got out and scouted.  Elijah did a great job leading and handling his on boat.

Elijah’s first car?

I love the opportunities that have come through this trip, where Elijah has been able to learn and then lead.

The next Funhog Mobile

Elijah’s Take  We got to the car and drove for a long time, and got to the kayak rental and rented kayaks and kayaked the socca again because it was going to rain and daddy let me go first and then we drove to our hotel. 

Meal for two (or maybe ten)!

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