Cleone – Lady of the Clean Heart

by Funhog Family on October 9, 2015

Great Britain - 10 year old adventure

Our dear Chloe Anne turned ten this year, so of course that means it is time for an adventure! If you do not know what our ten year old adventure is all about, then check out this link: Ten Year Old Adventure. Last year Chloe asked to be knighted a warrior of the King, which we did christening her Cleone – Lady of the Clean Heart.

Chloe did her best and accomplished my challenge for her of reading through all of the books published by Lamplighter Ministries. This number keeps growing for each kid as Lamplighter keeps publishing more redeeming literature that builds Christ-like character one story at a time.

Our precious Chloe has decided to take me to Great Britain for our adventure, so we can taste and see first hand what the Lord hath made there. She loves the history behind champions like William Wallace, so we will be walking in the footsteps of mighty men.

This trip will be one of prayer and praise, two things that are the essence of Chloe. It was fitting as we are currently en-route to Glasgow that we would sit by a Chinese woman who speaks no English. After we were singing praise songs to the Lord, our new friend starts praising Jesus with sign language. What a beautiful start to our journey and a great reminder that we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Adventure Bound!!!


Chloe’s Take:
On the West Jet
I am tired and I miss my family a lot, but I am glad to be with my daddy. He is so kind! I love my kind Daddy! The view is wonderful! I feel a little scared, but I know God is there for me, and people are praying and that gives me strength. 🙂 Thank you for praying! I am excited, encouraged, and God is AMAZING! We are over Nebraska where we went tanking right now (9:38a Phoenix Time)!!!!! Check out that adventure here: Tanking Tutens
Isn’t that fun! We have met a very nice man, very like the lady Kendall met. He gives us snacks and he gave me a drawing thing (with a plastic pencil sharpener) and he always asks (when he is pushing the snacks) if the young lady wants anything, and he gave me something for free that usually (daddy thinks) costs money. He is very very kind. Oh and me and daddy are learning the books of the Bible. I love you! I am having a great time with DADDY!!! And if God tells you to, you all can pray for the nice man who gave me all the things, and a nice lady who sits besides us (her arms need prayer). I feel a little scared going all night on a plane, but God will help me. I love you all and miss you. It was raining too! And we met a lady on the plane who loved the Lord!


Mom October 10, 2015 at 7:38 pm

Hey there!! We loved hearing about your travel to Glasgow. Praying for amazing things for you Chloe!!

Funhog Family October 13, 2015 at 8:11 pm

Thanks love! Chloe is a courageous warrior for Christ and wants all to know Him.

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