Packing 101

by Funhog Family on July 1, 2011

How do you pack for a 90 day trip? A lot of people have asked the question and then wondered how we would fit everything in the van. Well, we can not pack for 90 days and fit it all in the van. What we can do though is pack for a week and then duplicate that effort over and over for 90 days. So, that is what we have done with our clothing, food, and our gear. We have also made things as modular as possible. I created a stuff sack that all of our sleeping gear fits into and Jodi came up with the idea of having plastic drawers for everyone’s clothes. We have a plastic box each for the kitchen, bathroom, and kid supplies and a large cooler to serve as our refrigerator. As we travel we will make modifications to our original setup as needed. Tomorrow we give our plans the true test as we start the 50 state challenge.

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